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Macaw Parrot:
The Call for Assistance in Time of Need…

By 2005 Linda Ott’s finances were being drained not only from the cost of Phoenix – her macaw vet bills, but as well a depressed economy was taking its toll on her home business. She had now taken on a full time outside job from her home based business to financially survive.

At this point in time, Linda was going to Pensacola, Florida. Phoenix had just been released from the care of a vet in Toledo, Ohio. He would need to have a follow up vet appointment. She was panicked – what would she do with her green wing macaw, Phoenix?

She had heard about a bird doctor in Jacksonville, Florida that may be able to help Phoenix’s Immune Deficiency Disease – Phoenix could go there for his follow up appointment; But how could she get the bird there when she had to be on the other side of the state in Pensacola, Florida. Financially it was strain to just to pay the last vet bill in Toledo.

Ms. Ott turned to the Internet where over the years had learned about macaws. She had found many friends online that had MACAWS, which she often conversed. She began to post on the Internet with many of her friends that owned MACAWS, the dilemma she had and what she was to do with her macaw – Phoenix when she went to Florida.

She came to know a Terry Corbin, whom came highly recommended by many. After numerous emails and phone conversations about Linda Ott’s macaw – Phoenix; Ms. Corbin offered to help Linda with her quandary. From the highly recommendation of many people that knew Ms. Corbin, Linda felt comfortable and came to trust Terry.

Ms. Corbin agreed to drive from South Carolina and meet Linda (flying from Ohio) to Pensacola, Florida, pick up Phoenix and take him to Jacksonville, Florida for an appointment to see the Veterinarian. She promised and would make sure that Phoenix would see the Vet in Jacksonville, Florida. She also assured Linda that Phoenix would be cared for and kept by Terry until Ms. Ott was able to take him back.

Terry Corbin promised to keep the macaw - Phoenix as her very own bird until Linda Ott was able to take the bird back into her own care.

The greenwing macaw – Phoenix never made it to the Veterinarian in Jacksonville, Florida.

Phoenix the beloved companion of Linda Ott disappeared across state lines into South Carolina.

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