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The Macaw Parrot is one of the most well known exotic birds.
Sharing her home with Phoenix, the Greenwing Macaw, was the highlight
of Linda's life after the house fire.
There are approximately 20 species of these Macaw parrots.
In the wild, they can be found living in tropical forests.
Macaws are well known exotic birds for pets. Their numbers are continuously decreasing because of environmental pollution,
habitat destruction and constraints on breeding.
Some species live only in captivity at the present time.
Linda Ott acquired her macaw in the spring of 1996; as a result of loss when her home burned down.
The loss of several furred and scaled pets, birds, and a home based graphic design business created a
hole in Linda's life.

This new addition helped to fill the loss. As a new macaw owner Linda quickly learned a lot about her
young chick parrot. Hand feeding and handling this Macaw chick was a 24-hour around the clock experience.
Love came on the wings of a Greenwing Macaw for Ms. Ott, that spring day in 1996.
She named her Macaw "Phoenix" since this is a representation for a bird arising from fire.
This little gangly chick Macaw became her focus during this time of her rebuilding.
Phoenix gave Linda Ott new purpose and joys in life.

If you happen to own a Macaw you know they are very clever, large, colorful, loving and affectionate. Even
though they are highly intelligent, at home they can be destructive and noisy. If not correctly handled and
socialized they can be a challenge to manage. Phoenix was friendly and well socialized and was able to
be handled by experienced individuals.

As Phoenix grew so did the affection and bond between him and Linda, the owner.
Soon the two were inseparable. Life had a new meaning to Linda Ott with her companion Phoenix.
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